Company overview

SurfSpot is a is a next-generation guest Wi-Fi solutions SaaS platform offering advanced analytics and marketing tools. With SurfSpot, public institutions, large retail chains, restaurant chains, transportation hubs and shopping centres can easily interact with their clients build brands by leveraging their existing Wi-Fi networks to provide superior on-site mobile experiences, while gaining valuable customer insights. Venue operators will be able to conduct real-time promotional campaigns, mailing, surveys and gather feedback.

Easy to use solution for your guest WiFi requirements. Showcase your brand and gather customer data. Grow your mailing lists and increase your social presence via Check-ins and Likes. Gain access to a wealth of rich analytics and enhanced demographics. Take action with our suite of WiFi marketing tools and connect it all up to your existing CRM.

Enabling our cloud software over the top of your existing network allows customers to access your WiFi legally and securely. Ensuring visitors can login quickly through a branded login journey, using OTP and their preferred social media profile at the press of a button.

Our location based services provide enhanced, real-time analytics such as footfall, real-time passers-by, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits and frequency; enabling businesses to truly understand their venues.

Trigger targeted SMS & email messages as customers pass through your venue. Redirect users and customise splash pages as users visit different zones in your venue.